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Colhoun.co.uk is designed, created and maintained by Chris Colhoun. It previously went by the name of colhoun.btinternet.co.uk, which, as suggested by the name, was hosted by BT. The site's space and domain is now provided via 1&1.co.uk and has allowed the site to grow - greater space and bandwidth has allowed for more flexible design of the site. The addition of the domain has convenienced the site also.
Currently, the site has 250 MB of storage space and 3GB transfer per month. So far, the service has been faultless.


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Chris is the designer and maintainer of the site and has recently finished his A-Level studies. He is currently working full time and maintains this site as a hobby. He can also provide basic web design services and computer design/repair/system upgrades. The site is maintained purely as a hobby and for non-profit purposes. Hopefully you will find the site interesting to browse and make use of the information herein. The tutorials section has been designed to help with general computer problems or sales related questions as well information regarding upgrades for existing machines, thus providing some assistance. Chris has been working with PCs for a little over 9 years now and has experience mainly with windows based machines and some more recent experience (past 3 years) with Macs. Networking has also become a hobby, and so will feature in the tutorials section of the site soon. Chris attempts to update the site on a regular basis and the site will now be continually added to with new information. As well as taking an interest in repairing and upgrading, Chris also enjoys designing, building and restoring his own as well as others computers, of which you can read about in the projects section of the site. In managing to escape computing, Chris also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, mountain biking, tennis and ice-skating as well as spending time with friends.




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