Familiarisation with iTunes - March 19 2006

Now that you have the iTunes software up and running, it is helpful to familiarise yourself with the software. Understanding the interface will allow you to use the software and your iPod to it's potential.

Whilst iTunes is designed to be the software that fuels your iPod with tunes, it is also a powerful jukebox application for your pc or mac and contains such features as "party shuffle" and the option to stream music around the house from your pc (with additional hardware). For more on these topics, see the advanced iTunes tutorial.

Initially, we will consider the program's use in general and how to use it to add music to and alter the music on your iPod.

The iTunes Interface

the itunes window
Simple and well thought out; the iTunes interface

From the above shot, you can see that iTunes can be looked at as three parts:

  • The title bar, search and currently playing controls (top, full width of window)
  • The source window (left hand side, long pane)
  • The source display area (large main window, lower right)
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