Familiarisation with iTunes (Page 2) - March 19 2006

Lets look at these three areas in more detail.
First: The Title bar area and currently playing controls

title bar - itunes
Title bar: left to right: regular drop menus; play controls, info. window; search facility and dynamic icon (currently 'browse').

The left side of the title bar gives you playing controls for the current track as well as the usual drop down menu options. (The content of the drop down menus are covered in the iTunes advanced tutorial).

play control
The play controls for current track

The middle section of iTunes is the information window. This provides all manner of things; from current track name to the percentage of songs copied to your iPod to the import progress of a song. This will adapt based on the situation.

The information area; adapts to the situation

The far side contains the search field and the 'dynamic button'. The search tool is invaluable in finding the song you are after in a large library and the button on the end of the row changes depending on what you are doing. In the below diagram, it shows the browse library facility. It can also show the 'burn' icon, for instance, when making a CD of your favourite tracks.

buttonsother buttons
^ The search field and dynamic button -and- other possible button displays ^
search options

In its present form, the button at the end will bring down the browse options for your library. This will allow you to select a track from your library by artist, album or a genre to listen to (on your computer).

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