Installing your iPod's software - added March 1 2006

If you have just purchased an iPod (or are experimenting with iTunes) and are unsure of where to begin (aside from reading the manual, of course), then this guide should help get you established with the installation of the software.

iTunes has an especially gentle learning curve, which is to say there is nothing difficult to grasp once you are familiarised with the layout.

Installing iTunes.
Having downloaded the hefty iTunes installation file, which at time of writing weighs in at a massive 35.7 Megabytes, you will need to run the iTunes installer. This will basically get you going with your iPod and place iTunes on your hard disk ready to use. All you will need in addition is the serial number of the iPod (and a name for your iPod if you so wish).

To begin installation, run the software installation as directed from the CD provided with the iPod, or if you have just downloaded the latest version of iTunes, double click on the iTunesSetup.exe file. This will commence the installation.

Screens shown through the iTunes install
1. Unpacking the installation files
2. The installers 'welcome' screen, just click next here
3. The licence agreement. This needs to be read and accepted in order to use the software.
4. Updates since the last version (if you downloaded the latest version).
5. Would you like shortccuts to the software on your desktop. The latter option I would recommend un-ticking. iTunes is great as a media library but not so much as a run-of-the-mill media player.
6. The location on your hard disk where iTunes will be installed. I would recommend the default setting here.
7. Installing the software, no intervention needed.
NOTE: If using the iPod installation CD that came with your iPod you may be asked a series of additional options either after stage 7 or stage 8. These are specifics - you will need to enter your iPod's serial number and choose whether you would like to be taken to your library or the music store when you start iTunes.
8. The installation complete. Congratulations, iTunes is ready to use.

With the Installation complete, move onwards to the next tutorial using the link below to continue to the iTunes layout explaination and explaination of what can be found in the menus of the software.

On to the next tutorial - iTunes Familiarisation>>

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